Indigo and the Turban

Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-001 Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-002Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-003Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-004Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-005Indigo18 .Nov. 30, 2015, finalpdf-006


Obelisque Magazine 2016
Obelisque Magazine 2016

**Indigo and the Turban, as seen in Obelisque Magazine, 2016.  Copyright 2016 by Lesley Lababidi. All rights reserved. To copy or re-produce photography and/or writings, written permission from Lesley Lababidi is required.

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3 thoughts on “Indigo and the Turban

  1. Lesley, You have been the most talented and interesting contributor to the Obelisque for so many years, and this issue of the magazine is absolutely a pinnacle example of the richness of content and visual genius that you bring. It is like a feast for the senses! Obelisque should give you the “Author of the Year Award” for this and all your other contributions to it, not only in this issue, but your continued contributions over the years which has raised the excellence of the magazine itself! Indigo and the Turban is absolutely breathtaking and stunning! Thank you!


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