6 - Version 2A long-time resident of Egypt and Nigeria, a mother and wife, an adventurer, author, amateur photographer, a marathon cyclist, bird and nature enthusiast, and desert explorer.

This blog features the Nigerian Durbar in Northern Nigeria. Much of the traditions seen at the Durbar are the result of culture diffusion by way of the Saharan trade routes between North Africa and the Middle East over the centuries.  The history, culture, and traditions celebrated during the Durbar are revealed in beautifully handcrafted and dyed textiles, turbans, leather-works, armor, musical instrument handed down from generations to generations for the yearly celebrati

As a connoisseur of authentic and traditional handicrafts,  Nomad4now – heritage crafts focus is to highlight handmade crafts in Nigeria starting with the Durbar heritage.

I am the co-author of Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo (AUC Press 2018); 

Cairo’s Street Stories:Exploring the City’s Statues, Squares, Bridges, Gardens, and Sidewalk Cafés (AUC Press, 2008), Cairo: The Practical Guide (AUC Press,15th edition, 2012), Cairo: The Family Guide (AUC Press, 4th Edition, 2010), Silent No More Special Needs People in Egypt (AUC Press, 2002), Paddle Your Own Canoe An American Woman’s Passage Into Nigeria (Spectrum Books, 1997), and Bahgory Legacy (Obelisque Publications, 2013).

Interview with Olatoun Williams Borders Literature for All Nations  :Africanist and Global

My articles and photographs are found in:  Modern African Culture, Obelisque Magazine, Horus, Turath, Persimmon Tree Magazine, ARCE newsletter and various other Egyptian publications.

Pictures and photographs in this blog are solely my photography unless otherwise noted. Photographs, articles, and poetry are the intellectual property of Lesley Lababidi and protected under international copyright law.

All rights reserved by Lesley Lababidi. To copy or re-produce photography and/or writings, written permission from Lesley Lababidi is required.

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  1. Hi Lesley,
    I opened each tab on this new site. Under ABOUT I read all your information. However under Durbar and Handmade there is no text. I am interested in seeing the Handmade to objects.


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